Betting Articles

In this section we've written a few handy articles on various topics about sports betting. This includes both general topics - such as ante post betting - as well as sport specific guides for football and horse racing.

General Articles

Ante Post Betting - Betting well in advance of a match, tournament or event can reap big rewards but also comes with added risks. In our guide we cover what is ante-post betting, the pro's and con's and well as when to use it.

Betting Exchanges - Instead of betting with a bookie, head to an exchange to bet against other punters. Peer-to-peer betting offers better odds and the ability to bet against an outcome.

Cash Out - A relatively new phenomenon, cash out allows you to er.. cash in your bet before it's settled. Using it you can get out of a potentially losing bet or lock in a win early.

In Play Betting - In Play or 'Live Betting' gives you the chance to bet on events that are already running, meaning you can see how a team is playing before placing your bets. You can even bet on the horse mid-race. Definitely one for those of your with a short attention span.

Sport Specific


Football Bets - Here we cover the main bets you are likely to come across when betting on football, as well as hints and tips for getting the most value.

Football Betting Rules - The things you need to know when betting on football. Including which goals count and which don't.

Abandoned Macthes - What happens when a matc is abandoned after it starts. Does your bet stand to do you get a refund?

Horse Racing

Horse Racing Bets - Just like we did for football, we've covered the main racing bets. Including the difference between win, place and each way as well as the more exotic full cover bets.

Racing Betting Rules - What is the day of race market and when does it start? What happens if your horse pulls out? The answers to these questions, and many more, can be found in our horse racing rules guide.

Grades, Racecards & Form - Our beginner's guide to racing, covering everything you need to know about grades & races, form and how to read a racecard.

Handicapping - Handicapping is a way of levelling the playing field. Adding weight to faster horses to provide a more competitive, and often more exciting, race.